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I’m sick of receiving hundreds of scamming emails and spam texts/emails telling me I’ve won the lottery, or have a huge inheritance fund coming my way if I send £XXX. Ever applied for a loan and then you receive millions of spam emails or texts. This is harassment. When you apply for ONE loan, this does not give other third party companies the right to harass others, because it benefits their marketing plan. They make money from you giving your details, so let’s put a stop to this by publishing these scam/spam messages at www.thescamstop.com. Quite frankly, these companies can afford it. This website is going to include all types of scams and phishing emails, even payday loans spam emails and text messages. They make money from our details, so let’s kill the beast along the way, without the beastly and huge bank called  [The Court]. Whatever scum I get emailed or text to me will be published on this website (minus the email). Emails are maintained in a separate file.

Humans are really going too far in stealing off one another in these immature ways. Grow up humans and start loving. Stop feeding the beast.

Please contact me to publish your own scamming stories and I’ll set you up an account. Let’s highlight the fraud and put these crooks under, once and for all. 

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and I will try to answer your query as soon as possible.

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