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Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2015 15:01:31 +0100
Subject: find out the opportunities and blessings that 2015 has for you

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I have just had flashes about you.Follow this link and and pull 3 tarot cards.  If what I have “seen” is confirmed, I can tell you that I have some startling revelations to make to you.

Have no fear, I do it completely free and you will understand very quicklywhy here.



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  1. I would like to know more about Alisha from Free Horoscope 2015. Does anyone know this lady? I paid some £59.00 Aug. 23.2015. 2 weeks later before I see any progress, She started demanding another £59.00 for lotto numbers and threatening me like this will not work unless you pay this money and more, more. Now she has dissapeared and not answereing my emails. Does anyone know her work or is she another SCAM????

    1. There is no such person, just scam and spam. I get her advertising in my Inbox all the time and dump it (her) into my spam box but she keeps coming back. I just can’t get rid of it. I actually contacted it (her) demanding she stop sending me her advertising. In return I got a free horoscope reading without giving any information. This proves it’s a scam and spam. You are very gullible if you give this computer generated astrologist any money.

  2. Yes a scam if ever i saw one. Decided to try knowing that money would be lost. Yes the lotto numbers for $51 au.
    And yes the numbers were useless. She quotes that in the short that if you do not win she will refund amount paid.
    Just a simple email requesting refund to her and money returned. Many emails later no reply as if she has fallen of the edge of the earth.
    She quotes all the time via email that she is your friend and she is doing you a big favour. You get bombarded by emails.
    Do yourself a favour save your money. Big scam

    1. Hi David
      When I wrote this comment, there were 8 comments on this site and yours were the only negative one. Why should I believe yours and not the other 7? Please don’t think for a second that I say you are lying. I am playing “devil’s advocate” here? If what she forecasted for you didn’t come true, it means her forecasts were 87.5% correct. That is quite a good percentage, don’t you think?

      1. Anybody who thinks they can buy a winning lottery ticket from anybody, especially a computerised astrologer must be living at a ‘funny farm’. Stay there!

      2. I want to tell you something Barry.Once I wanted to read this book but at that time I had no money so I searched for free online reading and there was this website and full of positive(I am not offending anyone it may have worked for some)comments posted like an hour or so ago but it didn’t work so I thought maybe this book isn’t available but later when I checked the same website for another book and it showed the same persons and same comments(even same hour) which I saw before . Just because there are many positive and some negative comments that doesn’t mean he/they were wrong ok! AND what is with u asking every one Do you believe in GOD/ALISHA?

  3. Hi everyone,
    I once received an e-mail from Alisha and somehow i succumbed to the temptation! I have no regrets doing that because she is always right about all what she says; i am since then faithful to her and use her services every time i feel bad or something goes wrong. I really recommend her to anyone who has issues from any kind.

    1. My apologies Maya

      I was busy with a reply to someone else and my reply landed against your name. I would though like your answer as well, to the question I asked.


  4. Just by thinking that I had the idea to take the services of a psychic, I feel stupid sometimes; but when i remember all the good things that happen to me after it i just feel grateful!

    I used to be the one who fails in everything, studies, relationships, family relationships… Even the driving license!! I used to feel so unlucky and probably my whole existence was a mistake!
    At a weakness moment, Alisha was there for me, she knew exactly all my problems, and gave me the right solutions, she helped me pass all that bad time i used to have constantly.
    Thanks to her, i took my life back and i got more confident and could pass through the cloudy time. My life is perfectly stable and positive! No more bad luck. Thanks Alisha.

  5. Since the first time i had my reading with Alisha i decided to get back to her one more time because she showed me that she is very different from all the other physics; she was saying real thing about me and she gave me good advice; i started talking to her ever since eerytime i felt bad or down ; she knows exactly what to say and how to do it; I think that i’m doing good with my life thanks to her and she became a must in my life.

  6. Everytime i get reading from ALisha i feel full of positive energy and positive thoughts; it is really amazing she is so calm and relaxed; she always gives me all the time i need to talk to her and she gives me the right advice to help me out with all my almost daily problems.
    knowing her is a blessing and i am really thankful for everything she did for me.

  7. Seeing all these comments made me wanna share my own experience , very quickly, i consulted Alisha once and i tought she is probably one of those psychics who say whatever to make you feel better and pay them a lot of money but i was wrong! she actually
    did my first reading for free and she told me facts about me that were real and i can’t wait to see if all what she said will come true because so far some of it really did

    1. This is likely to be funding ISIS terror. You have to understand these sorts of scams are fuelling their bank balances. The money goes back to the middle east you draw your own conclusions what happens to it

  8. If there are any other people who dealt with Alisha, I would urgently like their comments on what happened to them. Please leave your comment here.

    I would also like to ask you a question these two question:

    1. Do you believe in Alisha, or in God?
    2. If you believe in God, why did you put your trust in Alisha?


    1. Hi Barry

      I saw all your comments and i would like to share my experience with you and try to answer your question my own way.
      I’ve never believed in psychics or tarot or any of this but I had a part of my life where everything was not ok , many problems , financial issues, family issues, health issues whatever
      I was about or maybe got in a depression and didn’t help , a friend of mine told me about Alisha and i gave it a shot myself.
      I contacted her and asked for her help. she was more than happy to help me and she answered my questions, she gave me advices she made me feel comfortable and confident she tried to show me the way and she really helped me solve my problems one by one .
      It was very helpful for me and i am really thankful and blessed.
      So to answer you, my opinion, sometimes even if you believe in God you need someone to guide you to help you it’s like a sign from God it doesn’t change anything in your beliefs it’s just a way to stop the struggle.
      But I do believe that Alisha is really gifted and helpful .

      1. Hey sarah I’m very happy for your information.I will try my best shot becouse I receive many of alisha is reading since from february and I haven’t replayed any of massages that she requested to me.why I have a douts about it.but becouse of you infor I will do it.what made me sad is,I gott a email from tara medium she told me about how her can help me,I gave her my money on bee half of my payment.she asked me R79.00 now she doesont replay my emails.and I sold my laptop for all of this, question is a you telling the truth about alisha is help!”

  9. One question to all that God had three power birth death and luck why other person challenge he/she will change your luck or destiny they are god if yes stop worship God and worship bluddy people who change your destiny and show your future and cheated and scam in world people theses people around cheated the people by name astrologer and black magic conern I believe in my self and God who always help

  10. Thank goodness my sister told me to see whether this lady Alisha is fake or not… But after reading all the comments I understand she is fake.. FAKE… N thank you all for your comments about her. Certainly I am safe now.

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  12. Yeah that lady is a scammer she took me for 59.00 ..that is so wrong how do they have the heart to do that to poor innocent ppl that they themselves give hope to .
    If anyone can tell me how to get my $ back plse let me know

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