Royal Express Delivery Company Spam

From: Royal Express Delivery Company <>
Sent: Tuesday, 27 January 2015, 1:41
Subject: About Your Parcel
B1 Avenue, Victory Road
Victoria Island,
Lagos Nigeria.
Direct Line: +23470-4441-0006
Office Hours Monday to Saturday

Good Greetings,

This is The Royal Express Delivery

This e-mail is to inform you of your registered package,CONTENT: Bank Draft of Ј3,700,000.00 – Three Million Seven HUndred Thousand British Pounds Sterlling, registered by Officials of the Bill Gates Foundation.

The Fund is a wining to you from the Microsoft Inc e-mails balloting in affiliation with online lottery program, Wining Batch 3, West-Africa.

For your information the VAT and Delivery Charge have been paid by the Microsoft Agents’.The only money you will have to pay is the security keeping fee which is $280 USD, due to the long awaited period for you.

Do contact the Royal Express Courier COMPANY with your

Full Name:
Delivery Address:

With the acknowledgment of your payment, only then shall the dispatch of your parcel be made to your choice address in 48 hours.

The Royal Express Delivery Company are hereby passing an essential massage to all our valuable customers to be very careful while presenting their receivers residential address to avoid wrong delivery.Do reply with your delivery address and please call as you reply.


Mr Bale Monilanid (Controller)
Royal Express Delivery Company ,
West Africa Zone


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  1. I have not replied to these people as I was lucky enough to find the original company, but I ought to tell you that the name Mr Bale Monilanid was used…..I have been ripped off by the west africans and have lost euros 35,000.- in total.
    I am not too sure of my website…but my home address is Kykladon 1,Athens 17673 in Kallithea,Greece and my phone number is 00306932047997 if you wish to contact me and if you like I can mail you all the copies that I have from these people.
    Hoping to hear from you the soonest,

    Bas E Demetriadis

  2. please kindly answer my question. They call us to tell that the package is already here in the philippines but before we get it they said that we should pay first them before they deliver the package.The amount they said is 850$. The package is 15kg. And it came from the United Kingdom. What will i do ? Is it true that we pay first before they deliver ?

  3. A package came from a friend in USA and told me to pay 19,500 before delivery wanna know if is true or not since Oct 11th

  4. there is a very bad scam artist on the loss and using your website for his crimes, this need to stop because people are beingripped off from their hard earned worked money by these people, and i am ready to sue because i am one of them and it has had a very hard impact on my life, up to me being homeless, because these people just don’t know what the fuck they have done, and i am homeless because of it. and was out of work for seven dam years, and this is dangerous because these people are criminal s on the loose and my life and some else life is as well.

  5. I pay 10,00050$ to a man call Nwokoro Friday from India n he want to pay extra 6000n500$ more to clare my package…My friend name is Orthman Ibraham he who senting the package for is it Scam or because i paid money so i want it back please Thank u.

    1. I want my money back plz I sent the to him on western Union please get back my money it is 10,000 n 50$ n he want to clear the package… Please help me I borrow the money so i have pay it back..

  6. I would like to forward an email I receive from your company that I have some doubt it could be scammers , Please send me an email address where I could forward it to for your security department , Thanks , my email address is > , 01/28/2017

  7. i am trying to track a parcel that was sent to me some two weeks ago from UK by Douglas Luxon, was called and told to pay $150 as clearance fee after which was told to pay another fee as a security penalty which i paid 20000 Kenyan money. your staff has gone silent ever efforts to get them has been in vain, would you mind helping me get my money back?Am really stranded because had spent all that i had.

  8. I think those people are criminals. that thing happened to me last month. I was told to pay 20000 Kenya shillings to get my percel. After I cleared everything they went missing up to know. my percel went missing just like that.

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