Scam / Spam Removal

[Scams/spams and names can be removed with a payment of: [£99.95]. It will be removed permanently from search engines.

PayPal Address: []

[This is under the agreement that if any further scam emails are received from readers, or myself in relation to the said email, and they are linked with your name, a specific email address, or a specific institution, within 30 (thirty) days of url removal, the details will be permanently re-published and will NOT be removed, nor will any refund of payment be made.]

The published scam and names are the copyright of the named user (see about us page on how to set up an account at The Scam Stop. Therefore, any monies received will be forwarded to the publisher of that particular post and they must ensure that the url and tags are removed from search engines, unless the agreement is broken by the named scammer/spammer.

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  1. What a GREAT idea!!! Oh how I wish you’d get paid by some of them!!! If enough people knew/read this = it was VERY visible it just might deter them? I wish ALL national papers published list every week of worst scammers/spammers and a BIG list rolled VERY slowly and is read out between the news and the weather on EVERY TV station. Why don’t the police prosecute the worst as deterrent to others? Way past time…

    AND scratchcards must ring = costs a fortune: my son did with his mum’s permission when young, she VERY generous and no: didn’t get anything, a SCAM.We didn’t know then, awful.

    All the best,
    Jenny Hughes

  2. I meant to say when my son was at a friend’s house (not talking about me as the generous mum), she (his friend’s mum) knew I wasn’t wealthy. Sorry: my brain injury = memory+ problems.

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