Terms and Conditions

1. The Scam Stop is designed to put a stop to the receiving of [scams] and to highlight the mass fraud occurring throughout the world. Therefore, the publishing of names and email addresses [even if incorrect] are necessary (unless evidence is supplied) and [payment of £99.95] must be made by the said [scammer] to correct these issues.

2. You agree to publish your PayPal address at the base of the post, and you agree that upon payment you will remove the url permanently, unless you receive the same scammer details within 30-days of removal. In this case, the name and details of the scammer are re-published permanently under your account. If an error is made, the sole decision to remove or re-publish is made by The Scam Stop.

3. You agree that, upon full payment, you will remove the url of the said [scammer] from the search engines. If action is not taken within 3 (three) working day, the publisher will be banned permanently and their posts deleted.

4. The Scam Stop is non liable for any [scammer] url that is not published by scamstop. This is the sole responsibility of the named publisher, and maintenance of posts is mandatory.

5. It is mandatory to keep a copy of the email/text message that you publish at The Scam Stop, for evidence and time of email etc.

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  1. I teach English. English is my first language. I am good at it! Despite that, I have no bloody idea what the above terms and conditions actually mean!

  2. Scamstop I commend you for such a site. I’m fed up with the amount of scam mail that clogs up my in box. However, I have to agree with Pierre, who I might add didn’t coming across as angry to me, just a bit confused with what you are actually saying, as indeed I am. Your information is not easy to understand and I think that’s Pierre’s point. I teach English to community groups giving explanations and meanings, but I wouldn’t be able to explain this as I don’t understand it myself. Just saying in the hope that you may receive this as constructive criticism .

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