United Nations Foundation Scam

From: United Nations Foundation <info@unfoundation.org> <info@rlamanagement.com>
Sent: Wednesday, 11 February 2015, 19:45
Subject: Foundation Notice
Hi,This message is from the United Nations Foundation, When disaster strikes, the world turns to one organization for hope, help, leadership, and coordiŽ­nation: the United Nations. When there is peace to keep between warring factions, the world asks the UN to mobilize peacekeepers, oversee elections, and create stability. In the face of challenges such as climate change, disease or poverty, the United Nations provides the platform for international cooperation.

The United Nations is the one international organiŽ­zation with the reach and vision capable of solving global problems.The United Nations Foundation links the UNÃÔ work with others around the world, mobilizing the energy and expertise of business and non-governmental organizations to help the UN tackle issues including climate change, global health, peace and security, women’s empowerment, poverty eradication, energy access, and U.S.-UN relations as part of our Support for social business investment, every year the United Nations Foundation gives out USD $5,000.000.00 (Five Million United State Dollars) to a randomly selected individual to help someone out there start a business or grow an existing business or give someone out there a better.

If you are reading this message you should count yourself lucky, this simply means that our random list picker has selected your email address as the 2015 winner of our annually social business support give away. Kindly get back to me at your earliest convenience so we can be sure your email address is still valid. You will also be required to send the below information to me so i can forward it to our financial manager to start processing the release of fund to you.

1. Your Full Name / Company Name
2. Your Residential Address
3. Your Direct Telephone / Cell Phone Number
4. Occupation
5. Age
6. Marital Status

I await your response so i can guide you how to receive the grant.


Richard S. Parnell
Chief Operating Officer
United Nations Foundation


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  1. Dear sir ,

    Have received a from The united Nation Foundation and he ask some details concrning my Full Name , Age, Adress
    & we have received form Eco bank The message bellow , please advise if it’true ???

    Kariman El Gohary
    On Saturday, June 6, 2015 3:09 AM, Ecobank International wrote:

    Ecobank International Plc.
    The Pan Africa Global Bank,
    95 Air Port Road, Benin City.
    West Africa, NG.
    Office Phone: +234-811-180-9334.
    Fax Number: (+234) 145-001-66. Date: 06:06:2015

    To: Kariman Farouk El Gohary

    You are welcome to Ecobank International Plc. The payment Bank for United Nation Foundation Promo. We are pleased to be at your service. We are Regulated and Stipulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA), the financial institutions that govern most financial banking and transactions activities in West Africa and beyond.

    I am ‘Mr. William .J. Basil’ the Transfer Manager of Ecobank International Plc. West Africa. After receiving your confirmation from the United Nation Foundation House that you are one of the Award Winner, we are presenting you with the following options with which you would preferred to receive your winning funds of $1,000,000.00 ( One Million United State Dollar’s ) in our possession. You are to make your preferred and affordable choice fast from the options listed below for us to remit your funds to you in your country.


    CERTIFIED CHEQUE DELIVERY: You will receive a CASHIER CHEQUE, Approved Clearance Documents and your Winner’s Certificate. This will take 3 working days to be delivered to your house address that you provided. The CASHIER CHEQUE will be delivered to you via our affiliate courier delivery service agent to your designated home address.

    Max Delivery Duration………..72Hrs
    Mailing/flight Fee ……………… $100
    Handling Fee……………………… $50
    TOTAL………………………………. $150


    DISPATCH OF AN ATM CARD: You will receive an ATM CARD which your award prize money has already been loaded/credited into. This SPECIAL ATM CARD can be used to withdraw money in any ATM MACHINE in any part of the world, but the maximum is ($50,000) Fifty Thousand Dollars transaction daily. The ATM CARD will be delivered to you via our affiliate courier delivery service agent to your designated house address.

    Max Delivery Duration:…………..72Hrs
    Mailing/flight Fee: ………………… $150
    Handling Fee:………………………… $50
    TOTAL:…………………………………. $200


    BANK TO BANK TRANSFER: This Direct Bank Transfer which is mostly used by United Nation Foundation (U.N.F.) Winners, will enable you receive your money in any bank account details you provide for us. This system of banking is always done electronically and it will take TWO (2) WORKING DAYS to reflect in the account you provided.

    Bank Commission: ……….. $400
    TOTAL:……………………….. $400

    Now make your choice selection from the above options. You are expected to notify us immediately with the specific option you choose to enable us provide you with the details of the Accountant in charge of fee(s) processing.

    We look forward to serving you better.

    Best Regards,
    Mr. William .J. Basil.
    Account/Transfer Manager.
    Ecobank International Plc.
    Ecobank International plc. The Pan Africa Global Bank. 95 Air Port Road, Benin City. West Africa. NG. Registered Number 2294747. This message conversation may be recorded or monitored. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), registration number 106054. Ecobank and the flame logo are registered trademarks. Ecobank International Plc advises on mortgages, a limited range of life assurance, pension and collective investment scheme products and acts as an insurance intermediary for general insurance in West Africa and beyond.

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    Have received above e. mail form Eco bank , please advise by return if this message it’s true ???

  2. Dear Sir
    i have received this mail today and i am not sure if it is true . I have been scammed so many times that i amscared to reply to any mail i receive . Please advise me if this is true and not another scam. I cannot afford to go through this again been threatend and harras daily . I am a widow and a law abiding citicent and dont want to be on the wrong side of the law. Kindly advise me if the mail i received from Mr Richad S.Parnell is legal .Kind Regards .

  3. I have been talking with a man who says he is a military dr in Afghanistan under the auspices of the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commisioner. He has told me that he is retiring and is getting a large sum of money that he wishes me to accept delivery of at my residence in Canada . There will apparently be charges for the delivery service. I would like to know if you can tell me if this is a scam

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